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Rockefeller University Scientific Programmer, Integrative Brain Function in New York, New York

Job: IRC24235


Job Title Scientific Programmer, Integrative Brain Function

Laboratory / Department Integrative Brain Function

Department Description

The Maimon lab aims to link the electrical activity of neurons and the biochemical action of molecules to their computational roles in animal behavior. The lab has a particular interest in understanding how central brain structures, distant from the sensory and motor periphery, govern behavioral choice.

Detailed Description

The Scientific Programmer will be responsible for developing and supporting custom software/hardware systems for behavioral and neurophysiological experiments in fruit flies. The position will entail extensive software development - primarily in Python, C++, and Matlab on Linux and Windows platforms- working with soft and hard real-time systems. Responsibilities include maintaining and extending upon a virtual-reality system that combines real-time video-image analysis of insect behavior, presentation of 3D virtual reality stimuli with LED displays or projectors and physiological data-acquisition of neuronal activity, developing a flexible, real-time software platform, potentially using Robot Operating System (ROS), to facilitate the behavioral and neurophysiological experiments, developing efficient machine vision algorithms to extract insect behaviors in real time and offline, extending upon existing image-registration routines to align neural imaging data from experiments across multiple insects, and performing complete project cycles, from design to fabrication, with support from a small engineering core in the university's fabrication and machining facility. Depending on expertise and interest, other projects may involve design and manufacture of optical systems for biological imaging applications and manufacturing simple electronic devices for measuring insect behavior (utilizing Atmel/Arduino microcontrollers and custom-designed printed circuit boards).

Job Requirements

Bachelor's degree in engineering, math or physics required; Master's degree or Ph.D. preferred. Must have an interest in neuroscience and the ability and interest in working independently and creatively, in an academic setting, to complete software/hardware projects for non-technically oriented scientists in a timely manner. Experience in, or an ability to independently and rapidly learn, real-time programming for control of varied hardware (cameras, motors, lasers, Peltier devices, etc.) with millisecond precision required. Must be comfortable writing code in multiple languages including Python, C++ and Matlab, as well as designing and building small mechanical and electronic devices. Comfortability with rapidly assimilating new information to solve varied computational and design challenges necessary. Must also be detail-oriented, accurate, and precise. The specific experience, aside from facility in programming across multiple languages, is less important than a comfort working independently and interest in assimilating new information for the sake of accomplishing complete project cycles. The laboratory extensively uses open-source software and hardware.

Additional Details

The Rockefeller University is an Equal Opportunity Employer - Minorities/Women/Disabled/Veterans